About Us

St Helier Boat Owners Association was formed in 1990. The Harbour Master at that time, Roy Bullen, was finding it difficult to act on the myriad of issues raised by individual boat owners and sought the help of Mike Stevens.
Subsequently, several individuals set about forming an Association dedicated to the interests of boat owners who used the various harbours, marinas and slips in St Helier. The inaugural meeting of the Association was held on 11th July 1990, at which a steering committee was formed under the chairmanship of Don Filleul. Ninety-eight owners applied for membership at the proposed subscription of five pounds.
The first Annual General Meeting, held in October of the same year, approved a Constitution, ratified the subscription, and elected the Association's first Committee.

Some of the matters of concern raised at those early meetings - untidy state of the harbours and quays, disrepair of the dinghy pontoons, pot–markers in the small roads - are unfortunately still familiar to this day. 

St Helier Harbour is the main harbour on Jersey. It is on the south coast of the island occupying most of the coast of St Helier. The commercial port is operated by Ports of Jersey, a company wholly owned by the States of Jersey. As well as the main commercial harbour, there are over 500 drying moorings within the St Helier historical harbour at the old Commercial Quay (Old Harbour)

These moorings range in size from dinghy and outhaul moorings to ground chain and riser buoy moorings. They permit fore and aft anchoring for craft up to 14 metres in length.
Deep and fin keeled yachts can moor within the old harbour via specially constructed yacht cradles, which support the craft when dry.

There are three marinas — the La Collette Yacht Basin, the Saint Helier Marina (built in 1980) and the Elizabeth Marina. The La Collette Yacht Basin and the recently constructed deep water pontoons on Albert Pier provide non-tidal, 24-hour access to the sea. La Collette Marina is home to Jersey's fishing fleet.